2024 Travelers Championship leaderboard: Scottie Scheffler first since Tiger Woods to win six events in season (2024)

It appears as if last week's U.S. Open was the exception and not the rule as it relates to Scottie Scheffler's level of play this year. The No. 1 golfer in the world had won five of his eight prior events before nearly missing the cut last week at Pinehurst No. 2, ultimately placing T41 for his worst finish since the fall of 2022. Scheffler has immediately rebounded by winning a sixth tournament across his last 10 starts on Sunday at the 2024 Travelers Championship.

The fourth round itself was mostly straightforward for Scheffler ... until the end. His card was clean with five birdies and no bogeys, another 65 in a season full of them. He finished at 22 under, one off of Keegan Bradley's scoring record of 23 under from a year ago. But a disruption on the 72nd hole in the form of protesters -- just before Scheffler lined up a potential tournament-winning birdie putt -- briefly threw the event into chaos.

The scene was cleared quickly, though Scheffler's ensuing putt settled just inches from the hole. That allowed 18-, 36- and 54-hole leader Tom Kim to drain a birdie on the last hole of regulation, forcing a playoff. PGA Tour officials cut a new the hole location amid debris left over from the protestors, and the golfers returned to the 18th to begin the sudden death playoff.

Scheffler took care of business in short order with a par, but Kim's approach landed in a bunker and ultimately led to a bogey.

Over the last 19 holes at TPC River Highlands, Scottie Scheffler did what Scottie Scheffler does. He made good decisions and finished second in the field from tee to green. He let everyone around him fall by the wayside until he was the only one left standing in the end. This is not always how it goes -- sometimes Kim will make birdie in the playoff instead of bogey -- but this is basically how it's gone for most of 2024 for Scheffler.

This week's win for Scheffler was historic. All of them are at this point in his season. Since 1983, only three other golfers have won six times in a year. With two months left in the season and around five events remaining on his expected schedule, Scheffler has a chance to move even further up that list.

YearGolferOverall WinsMajor Wins


Vijay Singh




Tiger Woods




Tiger Woods




Tiger Woods




Tiger Woods




Tiger Woods




Tiger Woods


1994Nick Price62
2024Scottie Scheffler61

Impressively, all of Scheffler's victories in 2024 have come at big-time events. Of the 13 best field in golf this year, according to the Official World Golf Rankings, Scheffler has won six of them (46%).

The six wins: Four signature events, a major championship (the Masters) and The Players Championship. The six winner's checks have Scheffler earning nearly $28 million for the year, $7 million more than he picked up a year ago when he previously set the all-time record for money earned in a single season.

The craziest realization (and best compliment) about Scottie is that this has become rote. Another week, another Scheffler win. Yawn. That has become a bit of the disposition of golf fans toward what is happening. The numbers belie the routine nature of what he is doing though because the numbers tell the following story: This simply never happens.

It's happening this year, though, and Scheffler is architecting one of the great seasons in PGA Tour history with a chance at a second major championship in just under a month and another Tiger-laden step up the historic ladder.Grade: A+

Here are the rest of our grades for the 2024 Travelers Championship.

2. Tom Kim (-22): It was a tough weekend for Kim, who led this tournament for so long before losing to his birthday buddy and friend, Scheffler, in that playoff. Still, this was Kim's best event of the year by far. He nearly accomplished what nobody else has seemed capable of accomplishing by pulling back even with Scheffler on the 72nd hole and sending the event to a playoff. He now has some confidence built for the summer as he heads to the Open Championship looking to improve upon his T2 finish a year ago. Kim is playing his best golf, and for the last month, he has been the iron player everyone thought he could become a few years ago when he first got going on the PGA Tour. I am broadly neutral on his long-term outlook but impressed by his last several starts. The ceiling is not as high as some might think, but the floor could certainly be higher than I believed. Grade: A+

T3. Tom Hoge, Sungjae Im (-19)

T5. Akshay Bhatia (-18): Bhatia has the look, the charisma and the ball striking ability of a future superstar. It's easy to forget with players like him and Im, who have been on tour since they were teenagers, they are still in their early 20s with decades to go. But Bhatia is four years younger than Viktor Hovland right now. He's making a real leap this year as a player, and he has the numbers to prove it. He's gone from basically being an average (or strokes gained 0.0) PGA Tour player to gaining 1.0 strokes per round on average PGA Tour fields. In other words, that is basically the difference between Martin Laird and Shane Lowry. A big win could be on deck for him.Grade: A

T9. Cameron Young (-17):For a while, it looked like 59-59 was in play for Young. As it was, he still took a look at the all time weekend scoring record of 122 set by Ludvig Aberg at the RSM Classic in a win last fall. Young eventually settled at 125 shots for the weekend. He's had an up and down year to date with some moments of good but a lot of bad in between. For example: He has three top fives worldwide this year but no top 20s since the Masters. This is a good jump start for him going into the summer as he tries to contend, like he did the last two years, at the Open Championship. Grade: A

T27. Ludvig Aberg (-11): The finish was not there, but a week after contending for the U.S. Open, Aberg finished 5th in a field of the best hitters in the world in strokes gained tee to green. He seems to be getting more consistently better as his second year progresses, and it does feel like a monstrous victory is on deck. Grade: B

Scottie gets No. 6 and another signature event trophy. Kyle Porter and Greg DuCharme recap the 2024 Travelers Championship. Follow & listen to The First Cut onApple PodcastsandSpotify.

2024 Travelers Championship leaderboard: Scottie Scheffler first since Tiger Woods to win six events in season (2024)


2024 Travelers Championship leaderboard: Scottie Scheffler first since Tiger Woods to win six events in season? ›

Scottie Scheffler won the Travelers Championship in a playoff on Sunday, waiting out a disruption by climate protesters on the 18th green and Tom Kim's tying birdie on the last hole of regulation for his sixth victory of the year. That's the most wins in one PGA Tour season since Tiger Woods had six in 2009.

How much has Scottie Scheffler won in 2024? ›

What does that equate to in earnings? $27,696,858. So that's around $1.8 million for every tournament he's played this year, and around $460,000 for every round he's teed it up. Scheffler's 2024 money easily surpasses his record-breaking earnings last year, when he took home $21 million.

How much did Scottie Scheffler win in the Travelers Championship? ›

Points and payouts: Scottie Scheffler wins $3.6M, 700 FedExCup points at Travelers Championship.

Who wins the Travelers Championship in 2024? ›

Scottie Scheffler claims win No. 6 of 2024 in playoff at Travelers Championship. Put another one on the board for Scottie Scheffler. Scheffler won his sixth event of the season Sunday at the Travelers Championship, becoming the first player to win that many times on the PGA Tour before July since Arnold Palmer in 1962.

How much did Tom Kim win at the Travelers Championship? ›

For Tom Kim, while he won't take home a trophy, he does collect $2.16 million for his best finish since winning at the Shriners Children's Open in the fall. Here's a closer look at how much each player made at the 2024 Travelers Championship from a purse of $20 million.

How much does Scottie Scheffler pay his caddie? ›

Through the PGA season, Scheffler has made nearly $28 million, making himself not only the highest-paid golfer in the organization but also his caddie, Ted Scott, the highest-paid aide in the PGA. Scott has reportedly earned $2.63 million from Scheffler's tour winnings, per Barstool Gambling.

How much money has Scottie Scheffler won? ›

Scheffler has played in 15 events and has come out on top in six of them, including at the Masters for the second time in his career. The 28-year-old has also finished Top-10 in 13 of the tournaments he's played in, resulting in a total of $27,696,858 in winnings.

Who is the leader of the Travelers Championship? ›

Tom Kim holds lead as stacked Travelers Championship leaderboard readies for final round.

How much does it cost to win the Travelers Championship? ›

It's a big-money event on Tour, with a $20 million purse up for grabs and $3.6 million to the winner. And if it's a signature event, it's a Scottie Scheffler week. The world No. 1 got back to being himself this week after a tough U.S. Open and picked up a sixth win on the season, all of which are top-shelf titles.

Who won the Travelers Championship in 2013? ›

In the final round of the 2013 Travelers Championship, Ken Duke birdies the second hole of a sudden-death playoff with Chris Stroud to claim his first win on the PGA TOUR.

How many wins Scottie Scheffler? ›

Scottie Scheffler earned his 12th PGA Tour win Sunday at the 2024 Travelers Championship, his sixth just this season.

Why protest at Travelers golf? ›

“With this action, Extinction Rebellion is NOT protesting any individual or organization. Rather, the protest highlights the worldwide danger of climate breakdown,” the group said in its statement. “Golf, more than other events, is heavily reliant on good weather.

What did the Travelers Championship used to be called? ›

History. The tournament was founded 72 years ago in 1952 as the Insurance City Open; It was renamed the Greater Hartford Open in 1967, a title that was retained through 2003.

What is the purse for the Travelers Championship 2024? ›

Travelers Championship 2024 prize money: How the $20 million purse was paid out - NBC Sports.

Who won the Travelers Championship in Connecticut? ›

Scottie Scheffler won the Travelers Championship in a playoff on Sunday, waiting out a disruption by climate protesters on the 18th green and Tom Kim's tying birdie on the last hole of regulation for his sixth victory of the year. That's the most wins in one PGA Tour season since Tiger Woods had six in 2009.

How many golf tournaments has Scottie Scheffler won this year? ›

Scottie Scheffler is a six-time PGA TOUR winner this season before July, the first to win at this clip since Arnold Palmer in 1962.

How much do caddies make at the Masters? ›

The caddie of the Master's winner will get 10% of the prize money. For context, Jon Rahm won the Masters' last year and got $3.24 million. The caddie for the runner up at the Masters will get 7% of that player's prize winnings; every caddie after that will get 5%.

How much has Tiger Woods made from golf? ›

Forbes estimates that Woods has made $1.8 billion during his golf career when adding up all his winnings, appearance fees, and valuable sponsorships throughout the years. In addition to Nike, Woods has had partnerships with other big-name brands like Gatorade, Rolex, and Gillette.

How long was Tiger Woods number 1? ›

He was the top-ranked golfer in the world from August 1999 to September 2004 (264 consecutive weeks) and again from June 2005 to October 2010 (281 consecutive weeks). During this time, he won 13 of golf's major championships. The next decade of Woods's career was marked by comebacks from personal problems and injuries.

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