Euphoria: What Maddy Meant By "This Is Just The Beginning" (2024)

WARNING: Spoilers ahead forEuphoria's season 2 finale!

Maddy Perez tells Cassie that “this is just the beginning” in Euphoria’s season 2 finale, with the line meaning much more than just a warning about Nate. While Maddy’s storyline in Euphoria season 1 primarily documented her abusive relationship with Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi), season 2 focused much more on the aftermath of their breakup and conflict with Cassie. After Maddy and Nate had broken up, he and Cassie (Maddy’s best friend) were secretly hooking up behind her back, even though she and Nate were possibly going to get back together.

Alexa Demie’s character often recognized the abusive nature of her relationship with Nate but still felt that it may have been easier to fall back with him. Maddy’s idea to get back with Nate came to a full stop when Zendaya’s character Rue exposed Cassie and Nate'ssecret affair, with Maddy feeling particularly betrayed by Cassie. Maddy, knowing how emotionally and often physically abusive Nate was, said Cassie could have him, which was soon followed by Nate pointing a gun at her to get back the tape of Cal and Jules. In Euphoria’s season 2 finale, Cassie tells Maddy that Nate broke up with her before she went on stage and ruined Lexi’s play, with Maddy responding, “Don’t worry. This is just the beginning.”

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The meaning of Maddy’s last line in Euphoria season 2 is primarily geared at warning Cassie of how much more abusive, volatile, and controlling Nate will be to her. Maddy went through hell when she dated Nate and, to make it worse, Cassie knew every detail of what she went through and still chose to pursue a relationship with him. In a dream had by Nate in Euphoria season 2 episode 7, he imagined Cassie telling him that he could control her in any way he wants, including her clothes, who she speaks to, and where she goes. Considering Cassie had already turned into a clone of Maddy before the end of Euphoria season 2, Maddy has clearly already recognized that Nate is repeating his abusive patterns on her former best friend. Nate breaking up with Cassie before interrupting Lexi’s play may have seemed bad, but Maddy knows that’s just child’s play compared to what he’ll do later on.

Euphoria: What Maddy Meant By "This Is Just The Beginning" (1)

Maddy saying “this is just the beginning” is also an apt summary of how Euphoria will progress in its future seasons. Euphoria season 2 had far more drama than season 1, and showrunner Sam Levinson is letting viewers know that the madness will only increase in Euphoria season 3. The finale of season 2 left many of Euphoria’s most interesting storylines unfinished or unanswered, including Ashtray’s death and Fezco’s arrest, Rue and Jules officially breaking up, Nate sending Cal to jail, and Rue still owing Laurie thousands of dollars. Euphoria season 2 may have ended with Rue getting clean again (at least temporarily), but it’s just the beginning of the characters’ heightened drama.

While it’s hinted that Euphoria season 3 will feature a time jump, this would pose a problem for several main characters, including Nate, Cassie, and Maddy. The three characters are high school seniorsduring Euphoria season 2, which would likely mean each of them going their separate ways in season 3. Maddy’s “this is just the beginningEuphoria quote will make much more sense when the characters return, but it’s more unclear than ever how they’ll be connected in the next season. Even though Cassie just hit an all-time low after Nate broke up with her, it seems she’ll still pursue him in the future, which would fulfill Maddy’s prediction that they’ll go through a long series of tumultuous break-ups. Maddy, however, is now free of Nate’s abuse and is likely leaving her friendship with Cassie behind, suggesting she’s passing on the torch to her old best friend while she finds a better life outside of East Highland in Euphoriaseason 3's story.

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Euphoria: What Maddy Meant By "This Is Just The Beginning" (2024)
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