Shauna's Art Studio Laurel Mississippi (2024)

1. Mississippi Made Vendor Spotlight: Novi Creations - Laurel Mercantile

  • 19 nov 2021 · Shauna Stockstill is a mother, wife, and creator behind Novi, a handmade jewelry company in Laurel, Mississippi. Each piece Shauna makes is ...

  • Shauna Stockstill is a mother, wife, and creator behind Novi, a handmade jewelry company in Laurel, Mississippi. Each piece Shauna makes is uniquely handcrafted from beginning to end.

2. Novi Creations: Home

  • Shop · Laurel ms jewelry · Novi, Author at Novi Creations · Laurel MS

  • Each piece is uniquely hand crafted from beginning to end. All of our materials are carefully selected for quality and uniqueness. Many of our resources are selected to help build sustainable communities in impoverished areas around the world. The metalwork in our jewelry is forged from basic hand tools.

3. Novi Creations | Laurel MS - Facebook

4. novi, Author at Novi Creations

  • Doing these custom pieces made me reflect on living life in our little hometown of Laurel, MS. We are not originally from here, but I like to say we were ...

5. [PDF] Creation, Craft, and COVID-19: A Documentary

  • was a small jewelry business based in Laurel, Mississippi called Novi Creations. ... I chose to shoot this film in Shauna's studio because her studio is where ...

6. Novi Creations - Laurel Mercantile

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  • Laurel Mercantile Co. is a flagship hometown store of Erin and Ben Napier, hosts of HGTV's

7. Laurel Mercantile Co. Promotes Local Vendors through Outdoor Markets

  • 9 jun 2022 · Owner Shauna Stocksdale specializes in handmade copper crafts, bowls, jewelry and more. “Mississippi Made is a great little outdoor showcase for ...

  • Mississippi Made at Laurel Mercantile Co. will feature at least 15 vendors representing small businesses from across the state.

8. Shauna La | Buy Original Art Online - Artsper

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  • ➤ Come explore Shauna La's best artworks on Artsper. Sercure payments. Free returns ✅

9. Skin Deep Tattoo moves to Front Street | Free News |

  • 20 sep 2021 · Laurel, MS (39440). Today ... artists having housed a gallery space, art supplies and studio. ... Mississippi artists in the shop, providing a ...

  • Downtown Laurel lost and gained a business this summer — Skin Deep Tattoo Studio is taking the place of the Pinehurst Rathskeller.

Shauna's Art Studio Laurel Mississippi (2024)
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