Trinity The Tuck responds to & clarifies those transphobia accusations from Farrah Moan (2024)

Last week, Farrah Moan accused her RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 costar Trinity The Tuck of making transphobic remarks about a trans man that Farrah was dating.

Both Trinity and Farrah shared statements with Out when this initial report broke, but Trinity also clarified that she'd be making a longer statement in an upcoming episode of the Sibling Rivalry podcast cohosted by Monét X Change and Bob The Drag Queen.

The latest episode of Sibling Rivalry on Patreon — which isn't yet available for free to non-members — featured Trinity and Bob as cohosts reviewing episode 8 of All Stars 9. But before they started reviewing the episode, Trinity shared her side of the story and refuted Farrah's claims, saying:

"Farrah Moan made a bunch of allegations saying that I went to dinner with her and a date that she had when I was booked in San Francisco, which was true. And she made some statements that I made some very transphobic remarks. One of the remarks that she said that I said was, 'I can't believe there are men walking around with p*ssies.' Like, girl, okay, I'm from Alabama, but even I back then knew there was a such thing as a trans man, and I knew what the biology of a trans person is."

Trinity added, "[Farrah] goes on to say that I said some other even more harsh things, but what she failed to say was that I had two of my friends who were also at dinner with us. So, it wasn't just the three of us; it was her, her date, me, and two of my friends. What I'm assuming happened is that… this happened a long time ago, so Farah just doesn't remember things exactly how they happened."

"She also made some statements saying that I never had a conversation offering her to come stay with me, which is also fake and false," Trinity continued. "I was constantly in contact with her when she was going through all this stuff [and] when her therapist passed away."

For context, Farrah first addressed this story about her late therapist during a Give It to Me Straight interview with Maddy Morphosis from December 2023. Farrah's therapist was allegedly murdered around the time when the pandemic lockdown started.

Around that time, Trinity claimed that she offered Farrah to stay over at her home in Florida — something that Farrah seemingly denied in the original series of X posts shared on Thursday, June 27.

"She was really going through some stuff, and we had a conversation," Trinity remarked. "She doesn't remember that."

Trinity The Tuck responds to & clarifies those transphobia accusations from Farrah Moan (1)

X (@farrahrized)

​The All Stars 4 winner went on, "So I contacted my two friends that were with us and I was like, 'I do not remember saying these things. Can you tell me if I did? Because I don't want to make a statement if that's what I did say.' One of my friends — I'm not gonna say their name right now — said, 'Well, actually, I'm the one that said something.' But what [Farrah] said was said… was not what was said."

"All of this started [because Farrah's] date was a p*rn star," Trinity explained. "We were all having a conversation about that lifestyle and what we were all into. Farrah had mentioned that she has been with trans men, and my friend said, 'I could never do that. I've never been with a puss*.' That's what they said."

Bob commented, "That is a little problematic, but it's not the same thing."

Trinity replied, "I can't speak to whatever that is, but that didn't come out of my mouth. That was not something I said. I did not make a comment about it. And for her to place that on me… I can't be responsible for other people. We were all adults."

​"Memories are faulty," Bob added. "We don't always remember things the way we think we remember them."

Trinity continued, "But this is the problem with the fanbase. Without hearing my side of the story, this is a cult following, mob mentality of just going after somebody just because one person said something. And that's the problem with not hearing all sides, because you really don't know. (…) [But] I don't want people going in and hating on Farrah. I don't care for her, but I also don't wish her bad will."

"This was a long time ago," the All Stars 7 finalist went on to conclude. "I don't fault her for not remembering details. But what she said that I said… I didn't say anything to do with that. That was somebody else. [So] I'm putting this to bed, and moving on."

This full episode featuring Trinity The Tuck and Bob the Drag Queen is now available on the Sibling Rivalry podcast page on Patreon.

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Trinity The Tuck responds to & clarifies those transphobia accusations from Farrah Moan (2024)
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