Wayne County, KY Arrests, Mugshots & Jail Records (2024)

What are Wayne County Arrest Statistics?

Wayne amassed 132 arrests over the past three years. During 2017, Wayne’s arrest rate was 161.35 per 100,000 residents. The county of Wayne is 78.17% lower than the national average of 739.02 per 100,000 residents. During that same year, 1 arrests were for violent crimes like murder, rape, and robbery. The county of Wayne also experienced 32 arrests for property crimes. When compared to Campbell and Fayette, Wayne is a more dangerous place to reside.

View Kentucky criminal and arrest records for other counties.

  • 132Arrests in the county for the last 3 years
  • 161.35Arrest rate in 2017 per 100.000 population
  • 1Violent crime arrests

Wayne County Recent Arrest Trends

In Wayne, the most common crime is burglary which accounts for 14 of the arrests in a year. The second most common crime in Wayne, is larceny/theft, and the third most common is motor vehicle theft.

  • 14Burglary
  • 14Larceny/theft
  • 4Motor Vehicle Theft

Violent Crime Arrests vs. Non-Violent

In Wayne, the most violent crimes committed are murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. The county of Wayne has a higher rate of non-violent crime. During 2017, Wayne experienced 1 violent crimes and 32 non-violent crimes. When comparing Wayne to the national average of 739.02, Wayne is lower by 78.17% than the national average.

Wayne County Crime Rate from 2005-2017

Wayne County Police Records

Police records exist in different types of Sheriff’s Offices and in many forms. In most generally, Wayne county police reports may be obtained from the local county Sheriff’s Office. You can visit in person and request documents as county police records are available to the masses per the state laws and the Freedom of Information Act. The documents may include Wayne county police reports, Wayne county bookings and even images. These documents are related to when a person is arrested, booked, and incarcerated. First, they are questioned, and basic data is taken while someone fills out the report. Then the arresting officer takes pictures of the person, and they are put in a jail cell until they can make pay the fees. Some regions may charge a fee for a copy of police records. You may have to appear in person and may need to have the following facts for them to find your file:

  • Date and time of the occurrence
  • The location of the incident
  • Name(s) of those involved
  • Officer’s name and rank
  • Case number

This will help the administrator find the records you need.

Wayne county police records can reveal a lot of information about a person. A good type of police record might be a traffic incident report. Some reports are available to the public after a waiting period, such as 60-days.

Sometimes you can get copies of Wayne county police records by mail. Contact your local county Sheriff’s Office to inquire about requests and the payment.

Wayne County Mugshots

Wayne County mugshots have been taken since the 1800s, shortly after the development of photography. Then in 1888, a French policeman Alphonse Bertillon standardized the process and made it the norm. Many of these pictures are kept in a “mug book” to help witnesses and victims identify people.

Wayne county mugshots are the pictures taken of people upon arrest. Local police, Sheriff’s Offices, and other law enforcement agencies take them. Usually , the subject is photographed from the front (full-face view) and then the side (profile view). These Wayne county mugshots are stored with the person’s criminal record and police reports. They are used by victims, witnesses, and investigators to identify bad guys.

Typically , when a judge issues an Wayne county arrest warrant for other crimes , and the criminal does not show up in court, these mugshots are used to help locate the suspect.

Mugshots are readily show up online as they are public records. Information informational portals offer mugshots with other types of documents such as criminal records, arrest records and other court cases.

Felonies, Misdemeanors, and Sex Offenders

Police and arrest records will also include information on felonies, misdemeanors, and sex offenders. Since everything is readily available and connected, any past arrests will show up as well.

Wayne County Sheriff’s Office

It is situated in Wayne county, Kentucky with a total number of 14 employees - 1 female, 11 male officers and 2 civilians. Wayne County SO ORI (Originated Agency Identifier) number is KY1160000, it belongs to the East South Central division in the South region with a region code of Region III.

  • Agency Name: Wayne County Sheriff's Office
  • State: Kentucky
  • City: Monticello
  • Type: County
  • Address: 55 N. Main Street Suite 104
  • Phone Number: (606) 348-5416
  • Fax: (606) 348-3284
  • Email: wcsheriff@windstream.net

Police Departments in Wayne County

Monticello Police Department305 North Main Street(606)348-9313

Wayne County, KY Jail and Inmate Records

WAYNE County has 220 jails with an average daily population of 93 inmates with a total of 220 jail population. When breaking down the WAYNE County jail population by gender, females are a minority compared to male prisoners and make 10% with 23 female and 200 male inmates.

  • Wayne County, KY Arrests, Mugshots & Jail Records (1)220Jails
  • Wayne County, KY Arrests, Mugshots & Jail Records (2)220Prisoners
  • Wayne County, KY Arrests, Mugshots & Jail Records (3)1,664 %Jail Rate

How Does Wayne County Inmate Search Work?

Wayne County inmate records are public files that anyone can acquire easily. The Freedom of Information Act governs the rules regarding Wayne county inmate records which provide a lot of useful insights about a person.

Wayne County Booking

Wayne county bookings are also helpful when looking for stats on whether or not a stranger has been arrested. When a perpetrator is arrested, the officer fills out paperwork and then holds them in a incarceration cell , which essentially becomes their Wayne county booking record. It may also include things like fingerprints, photos , physical details, their name, and address, officer in charge , the details of the crime, the location, and any trucks that were involved. The general public has the ability to get a copy of someone’s Wayne county booking records without any type of approval .

Wayne County Jail

  • Agency Name: Wayne County KY Detention Center
  • State: KY
  • City: Monticello
  • Type: County
  • Address: 217 Jim Hill Service Road
  • Phone Number: 606-348-3626
  • Fax: 606-348-0892
  • Email: waynekyjail@ctsbroadband.com
  • Website: http://www.waynecountydetentionky.com/index2.html
Wayne County, KY Arrests, Mugshots & Jail Records (2024)


How to look up mugshots in KY? ›

Please visit https://mugshots.louisvilleky.gov to view inmate information. When searching, after entering the CAPTCHA authentication, please be sure to CLICK the search button as shown below.

How do I look up someone's criminal record in Kentucky? ›

How Do I Request Criminal History Records in Kentucky? The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) provides criminal record reports for Kentucky. Individuals, businesses, and government agencies can submit requests for these reports. The AOC charges $25 for each request for criminal history records.

Where can I see local arrests? ›

Individuals utilizing official sources can check the website of a local sheriff or police unit, which may feature some arrest information. A local law enforcement agency's website may also have an online database that the public can access to find out if someone is in jail following an arrest.

How do I find recent arrests in Florida? ›

Most local sheriff's offices in Florida publish information about recent arrests on their websites. Therefore, individuals curious about recent arrests within a particular region may check its sheriff's official website.

How do I access local mugshots? ›

Your local police station should have arrest records for the city. Stop in during normal business hours to request a report. You may need to fill out a form and pay a processing fee. Arrest records are public records, so they should be generally available.

What app shows local mugshots? ›

JailBase has spent a long time compiling arrest records throughout American counties, and says that this app represents the first time that the public can search mugshots using facial recognition.

Are Kentucky police reports public record? ›

Answer: Yes. Criminal record reports are public information. However, you will not receive information on case types that are confidential by law or not part of the criminal record. These include juvenile cases, mental health cases and domestic violence cases.

How can I find out if someone is in jail in Kentucky? ›

Online Inmate Search Process
  1. Visit the official Kentucky Department of Corrections website.
  2. Navigate to the Inmate Search portal.
  3. Enter the inmate's name or other identifiers.
  4. Review the search results and click on the desired record to view more details.
Mar 9, 2024

Is TruthFinder free? ›

Truthfinder typically offers a limited free trial, but it's important to note that its core services are not entirely free. While you may access some basic information during the trial period, comprehensive reports and in-depth background checks often require a subscription or one-time payment.

What is the best free website for public records? ›

All Federal court records are available online at PACER.gov, an electronic public access service that is overseen by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts. This includes all Federal civil court cases, criminal charges, as well as bankruptcies. In all, there are over 500 million documents on PACER.

How do I find recent arrests in PA? ›

Searching arrest details on county web portals or the Pennsylvania judiciary's case search database is free. However, obtaining copies of arrest records will attract a fee. Individuals who engage third-party vendors will also pay the applicable fee to obtain arrest records.

How do I find someone's criminal record for free in California? ›

Under California law, all public records are free. Interested parties can view public records by contacting the government agency that manages the records.

How do I find recent arrests in Kentucky? ›

Kentucky arrest Report and Arrest Records are a matter of public information and if you want or are in need of that information you can start your search at GovernmentRegistry.org. There are a lot of reasons to check someone's criminal arrest reports.

Are mugshots public record in Florida? ›

Florida's Public Records Law categorizes most government documents, including mugshots and arrest records, as public information. This means any individual can access these records, and it's perfectly legal for websites to publish them.

Do arrests show up on background checks in Florida? ›

The FCRA has rules for how far back pre-employment background checks can go in Florida and elsewhere. Under this law, CRAs are forbidden from reporting arrest records that did not result in a conviction to be used for hiring decisions that are more than seven years old.

How do I find past inmates in Kentucky? ›

To obtain an inmate record for persons held in the county or police jails, contact the sheriff's office or the police department in the county or city where the inmate is held. Records that are considered public may be accessible from some third-party websites.

Are Kentucky court records online? ›

The Kentucky Judicial Branch only provides limited access to court records online. To view detailed case information, request access in person at the Clerk's Office. Circuit Court Clerks maintain the records of District and Circuit Courts in Kentucky.

What is the best free inmate search? ›

The best way to locate information on a federal prisoner for free is to go to the Bureau of Federal Prisons. Then, go to the inmate locator tab. You can search by inmate number or name. A list of results will appear with the inmates' names, ID number, age, sex, race, and release date, or prison location.

What is the public record in Kentucky? ›

What are public records? Public records are those materials prepared, owned, used, possessed, maintained or retained by state and local government agencies that must be open for public inspection unless the records are excluded by any of the 14 exemptions in the Kentucky Open Records Act.

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